Thursday, July 30, 2009


We are moving to a new house with garden!

I'm sure everyone love it. I brought my babies to have a look and feel the garden... They love it!! They hop here and there, chase each other ( a lil' biting occurs, of course!) but overall, when everyone back to their respective 'room', they just lay down, looking exhausted.

It has been a while since I brought them out.

And I also bought few things just to compliment my babies. Since the family is moving to a new house, the babies need new 'room', and I can't afford to buy 5 'rooms' at one go, but I manage to get 2 new 'rooms'. One for Kiko and one for Malek. I bought the rooms from Pet Shack. I think the price is reasonable and it is quite spacious for individual occupant.
This is the picture, taken from I absolutely love it. If the babies love it too, I'll try save some more money to buy 3 more cage, one by one. I can't upload the actual pictures of the cage, but it look more or less the same. I'll upload once my friend return my SE pc cable. I'll also upload the new garden- don't have much plants or flowers yet as we will only be moving on the 8th.

I also want to let go 2 of my smaller cages at RM25/each. The one where Malek and Puteh stayed in. It's still in good condition but doesn't look brand new. I'll upload latest pictures of the cages after 8 August.

I hope there will be bonus this year as it would definitely help me buying the new 'rooms' faster. For Puteh, I will buy a larger cage as Puteh has much bigger size than the kits and Malek.

I also buy chew toy for the two new 'rooms' from chubby pets:

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