Sunday, October 11, 2009


Puding was missing for a day. I let everyone out on Saturday so that they can hop around, exercise a bit, eat a little green and everyone behave except for Puding. My housing area don't have fence, so the bunnies can hop from my house to my neighbours. When it's time to go back into cages, the bunnies are easy to catch except Puding.

He kept hopping and hopping and I said to Hubby "Biarlah".

This is when I couldn't locate Puding. I'm worried, of course. There are wild dogs around the neighbourhood, God knows what will happen if Puding didn't return home.

He didn't return until Sunday afternoon. He was shaking with smudges on his fur. Looking exhausted and hungry. I called his name and he came to me. When I tried reaching for him, he run away again, but this time, not that far. Just beside his cage. I pour some of the pallets in his bowl and said "Lapar ye Puding.... Masuklah dalam cage dan makan." To my surprise, he did enter the cage and eat the pallet. Alhamdulillah. I hope he'll be ok soon and less naughty.

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