Wednesday, April 1, 2009

An Introduction- The Kits

Koko and Malek has 6 kits- 2 died, 1 was given for adoption to Pancake and now I only have 3..
  • Puding- all white
  • Kiko- Broken colors- Black, brown and white
  • Suki- Broken colors- White and brown

Hi! My name is Suki. Mummy named me recently.
I have a hiding place. A place where I feel safe.... Here, let me share with you...

This is my ball. Whenever I see Mummy doing something near me...

I'll hide in here

See? It's safer....

Mummy, what are you doing? I'm a bit curious.... Mind if I get near u?

Take pictures? Ok... Mummy, if I stand like this, do I look like a lion? Puding resemble Koko's much.

Kiko- a shy kit. Since his thick fur has 3 colours and mostly are black, it's very difficult to see his eyes...

Can you see my eyes now, Mummy? Just focus a lil' bit .....

Am I too chubby, Mummy?

Resting with my brothers


  1. Hello Anggerik,
    Congratulation for the new blog! We listed u in our blogroll and we will visit u again, definately!

  2. Congrat for the new blog... come to my blog and claim your award.. enjoy